Cyber safety and Prac

Issues of safe, responsible and ethical use of ICT learning and teaching and strategies.

Safe Skills tool kit can help student parents and teachers. Because technology is progressing so fast and everyone has different levels of understanding and its a relatively new concept it is really important to be continuously monitoring and informing students to be safe online and to teach safely online.

For one I would be giving each of my students that great Cyber smart kids quiz we had to do

Although my allocated school has so much wonderful technology in my room  (Whiteboards, IPADs, Microphone for hearing impaired students, computers and a screen that turns into a table that includes APPS- WOW) I didn’t receive any information regarding policies and processes  for ICT as such- something I will need to ask my mentor. There is nothing on the website or the catholic education website.

It does state how technology within the school meets the expectations of meeting students needs in the digital age of the 21st century and it supports the beliefs and values of the catholic church. However I cant offer the link as I know my school needs to remain confidential.

This is an interesting web page about cyber safety in state schools




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